• Image of BILLOWING • "Modifications DÉclairage" LP

Life Like #94
Released in an edition of 200 LPS
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2.Directional Flaw
4.Société D'éclairage
5.Sky Trials

"Modifications DÉclairage" is the first fully-realized album by slow burning duo Billowing, following 2010 EP "Cruel Summer", a few tapes and semi-annual live appearances. The six tracks here are the result of several spaced out recording sessions, later dismantled, revised and reconfigured by the band in manic bursts over a period of several years. Though almost all of the sounds are derived from Scott DeRoche's floating prepared guitar and Fred Thomas' sampler, tape delays and electronics, the years of editing map out a constantly shifting path, moving deliberately between passages of watery ambience and dense noise. At times the wash of electronics is joined live drums and bass, switching the picture from patternless cloudiness to droning Krautrock repetition. The emotional current of the album contrasts moments of sharp focus with the murky bewilderment and confusion that they almost immediately blur back into, like the sense of clarity that comes in the early hours of a grey, hungover morning. These songs convey a suspended feeling of attempting, never looking further than the next step in an endless uphill journey.

Scott DeRoche: guitar, processing, percussion, bass.
Fred Thomas: electronics, drums, synths, tapes, melodica.
Recorded by Brook Davis and edited by the band between 2012-2015.
Art & layout by Miles Haney.
All songs by Billowing © 2015 Life Like.