• Image of CULTURAL FOG
  • Image of CULTURAL FOG

Life Like #110
Released in an edition of 50 C-30 cassettes

New age tones rising up off of the skin of a summer afternoon, Cultural Fog is Claire Cirocco, Emily Roll and Fred Thomas. Synth noodling, panflute whispers, bumbling arpeggios, Nag Champa smoke and edible flowers are pressed into seven untitled piece on this half hour long cassette. Strongly under the influence of Windam Hill, Ray Lynch's "Deep Breakfast" and the morning dew side of Klaus Schulze, the trio recorded their sounds directly, with no live microphones in the room. With the synths feeding into the mixer, the trio could communicate verbally about their jams as they ran free, effectively making this tape a guided meditation unto itself.

More volumes of Cultural Fog sounds and live shows follow shortly behind, but this tape is a floating document of the project coming into a state of being.

Pro-duplicated cassettes with full-color covers.
$9.00 postage paid within the U.S.
Outside of the U.S. please get in touch for rates.