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Life Like #127
Released in an edition of 30 C-45 cassettes
October 11, 2021

1.David Vaughn “Bathing In Distance”
2.Fred Thomas “Re-Entry (Version)”

One of the first shows back after the long, strange time without was a gig this summer with David Vaughn throwing down an amazing modular synth set and me playing a two-part ambient piece inspired by the weird feelings of getting reacquainted with performing. It turned out to be even weirder than expected when we had to reschedule the gig due to massive flooding that took out some gear in my basement and affected the greater Detroit area on the whole.

This tape is a capstone for a strange time, with a side-long piece from each of us. David’s side is a new modular composition that ramps up perfectly, growing from a slow meditation into a layered blur of textures and quickly dissolving melodic figures. My side is taken from the working tapes I made getting ideas together for the gig, with a cosmic first half bursting into flames as it re-enters the atmosphere, allowing a drifty, stoned second half to play the dead astronauts onto their next plane of existence.

These tapes take it back to the Life Like of old, with hand-assembled covers, and tapes dubbed at home in a hyper-limited run. It feels great to return to the ephemeral, as so much of the music, presentation, and general energy of the label is just about finding our way collectively through time as it cycles and repeats.

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