• Image of EVENINGS • "La Religion de la Souffrance Humaine" LP

Life Like #88
Edition of 200 LPS on Maroon and Deep Green Vinyl.
$15.00 postage paid within the US.
Outside of the states, please get in touch about shipping rates.

1.Can You Feel?
2.Surveillance Video #3
3.Look In Your Pocket
4.Pre-Heel Removal
5.Non-Traditional Love
6.How Did You Get Here?
7.From The Window, I Can Feel

Michigan sound artist Miles Haney has worked as Evenings for close to a decade, carving his sound out of densely layered alien textures and themes of isolation and dire reflection. "La Religion de la Souffrance Humaine" is the fourth Evenings LP, and the first with Life Like. Where earlier work fell more in line with trappings of contemporary noise, these seven tracks are built primarily from deep space synth sounds, building into atmospheres that feel at turns glacial, horrified, contemplative and restless. Themes of misanthropy, disgust,seclusion​ and ​disconnection come through in the waves of black hole resonance, the core of the album holding a cold, shiftless look the confinement of human nature.

All songs written, recorded and arranged in early 2015.
All songs by Evenings © 2015 Life Like.