Life Like #117
Released in an edition of 100 LPS

Side One:
Comme à la Radio
1.Je Suis Née Pt. I
2.Je Suis Née Pt. II

Side Two:
1.Field of Flowers

Two complimentary sound artists wander pathways of unknown worlds on this split LP, a vinyl first for both projects. Not noise, not music, not poetry, both artists approach words as just another sound to accept or reject as they dissolve.

"Je Suis Née.” was originally released on cassette in 2016 by the Irrational Tentent label. The two-part suite collects harsh walls, tape cut-ups and scenes from what could be a rough birthday or another night staring into the void.

"Field of Flowers" by long-time Life Like mainstay Haunted was first performed live at the Ambient Sleepover series in Chicago DIY space Tritriangle and documented in the studio afterward. A 17-minute meditation on sex, desire, isolation, and loss, the piece absorbs itself into a dream state made up of glitching voices, buried feelings, and rain coming through the walls.

One of the more daring and specific releases on the label, this LP is mandatory for anyone interested in sound poetry or the de-evolution of spoken word. Only 100 LPs pressed.

$20.00 postage-paid within the U.S.
Outside of the U.S. please get in touch for rates.