Life Like #115
Released in an edition of 100 C-60 cassettes

1.Dominic Coppola “Strides Within Mirrors”
2.Pato y Pato “Highrise”
3.Landing “Forge”
4.Cause For Concern “Iced Out (Edit)”
5.Koltay “Utopia Garden”
6.Forest Management “Tu Es Belle et J’ai Peur”
7.C. Cirocco “Solus Conversation”
8.Circument “A1 Crude Motion”
9.Skin Lies “Shred Rituals”
10.David Shettler “Inside”
11.SCLT “Design Your Home With Style”

Those of you paying attention in 2012 and again in 2014 may remember the first two volumes of the "Lifers" compilation series. Sprawling snapshots of the scene at large, this series aims to grab a cross-section of what's happening at the moment, usually in a random but cogent way. The long-awaited third volume zeroes in more on ambient and synthesizer sounds, though it's unregimented in what flows through the tubes.

Just over an hour of cold freeze-outs, angry eruptions, stoned programming and even a song with lyrics and singing from the iconic Landing. Like usual, it's a compilation designed to flow like an album, this one attempting to translate the dust of the fading summer into something understandable.

Pro-duplicated cassettes.
$10.00 postage paid within the U.S.
Outside of the U.S. please get in touch for rates.