• Image of SCLT "On Contradiction" C-40
  • Image of SCLT "On Contradiction" C-40

Life Like #105
Released in an edition of 50 C-40 cassettes

1.Relegation I
2.Dislocation II

Emerging from a backlog of "thoughts to be retuned to" is the debut from SCLT. Empty desk drawers at the end of the summer, meticulous dust in the air following the argument that effectively ends the friendship. Sprawling and controlled beat-free ambient sounds that are never without tension but also never without hope. Not exactly relaxing candle-lit zone out class ambient, but more searching and even perplexed than the go-to darkness that usually exists on the other end of that spectrum.

Pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color covers.
$9.00 postage paid within the U.S.
Outside of the U.S. please get in touch for rates.

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