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Life Like #106
Released in an edition of 100 C-60 cassettes

1.Boreal Chorus
2.Crown Shyness
3.A Week Ago Last Year
4.Sesame Leaf
5.Isostatic Rebound

Just in time for the leaves to start changing comes the debut from Utica. A trio of some of our favorite Life Like mode-shifters, Utica finds Kendall Babl's (Land & Buildings) buoyant acoustic piano and synth figures, Chuck Sipperley's (Hyropark) winding synth foundations and Dylan Strzynski's (High Mountain, UZ) weaving guitar meditations all congealing in metered, glimmering explorations. Carefully edited from hours of improvisations and loose themes, the final product is an hour of restorative sound rooted in the patience of nature and the confusion of the artificial world. This is one of the stronger and more clear-eyed debuts to come through in a while and it points to even greater things in the future.

Pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color covers.
$9.00 postage paid within the U.S.
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