• Image of ANNA BURCH • "Party"
  • Image of ANNA BURCH • "Party"
  • Image of ANNA BURCH • "Party"
  • Image of ANNA BURCH • "Party"

Life Like #107
Released in an edition of 300 C-25 cassettes

1.Asking For A Friend
2.Tea-Soaked Letter
3.With You Everyday
4.Too Cool To Care
5.Supermarket Scene
6.Go It Alone

Detroit singer/songwriter Anna Burch has been visible for the better part of the last ten years singing in Frontier Ruckus or more recently jamming as a co-frontperson with Failed Flowers, but a vibrant collection of solo material has been percolating for the last few years. Anna's proper solo debut is on the way and we'll all be left in the dust of its brilliance, but for the time being, Life Like is happy to offer this party favor in anticipation of what's to come. Based on the canned/fake live atmosphere of "A Beach Boys Party", this tape offers stripped-down and sometimes stumbling low key versions of some of the songs Anna's been playing at her solo sets for the last few years as well as a sleepier reading of a Failed Flowers tune and some otherwise exclusive tracks as well. The vibe is light and friendly but also might stay stuck in the tape player for longer than expected.

First edition on 100 came with orange shelled cassettes and is sold out.
Second edition of 100 were white shells and is sold out as well.
Third edition of 100 is on pink shells and available as of July, 2018.

Pro-duplicated chrome cassettes with full-color covers.
$9.00 postage paid within the U.S.
Outside of the U.S. please get in touch for rates.